Datuk Harimau and enjoy fun activities with my friends. (your writing style) I have had experience as a delegate for Model Parliament, and communication has been a vital part

of my job. Its the most interesting subject in the world. I feel happy to learn English as it is an international language. Lauryn Tan Zi Yi, eight, says: My favourite subject is Science. When my teacher essay connectives got me to work on germination, I was super excited. English is used in each field of life and it is useful to know. I also remember learning about rock formations and how rivers can form valleys and erode rock, and the earth, over a long period of time and change the landscape. I mean, we learned beschreibung für lebenslauf about mountains, ivers, countries, populations, social migration and many other things like that. I get good grades for English compared to other subjects.

The last advantage to know English is I can talk with all people talking English. I love solving Maths problems and my teacher says I am good. Most of movies are in English. But it has been a huge deciding factor for my career. It narrative is quite easy and pleasant to study.

It reveals to us that she was the only lady schülerhilfe northeim who fought courageously against the British till the end. All play major roles in why I want to become a journalist. T She told, my friends and I always look forward to our Science lessons.

In class, I can work on experiments and learn from the results of the tests.History tells us about the courage and valour showed by Rani Laxmibai against the British.I have always wanted to write and report, and I am a reporter for my school's first newspaper.