into Stars, which may eventually become Cash Cows. Perhaps one of the reasons this matrix has become popular is the use of novel and memorable names for the quadrants.

In this relatively stable state, increasing market share becomes more difficult and it can even be better to accept one's share rather than invoke a competitive war.

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When markets shrink, their growth rate become negative, both in the cost of reaching new target customers and the competitive situation as other companies also boston consulting matrix deutsch beschreibung fight for this new territory. Market Growth, they are important to a major customer who spends a lot in other areas. If this is not the case. The maturity stage of the product life cycle is where any cash surplus is most boston consulting matrix deutsch beschreibung likely to be generated.

Making market share a nonlinear scale in terms of profit. The only problem with Stars is that they usually consume a lot of time. Market share can be measured in several ways. You would do this for every product in the range. The question consulting for managers are whether the investment currently being spent on keeping these products alive. Could be spent on making something that would be more profitable. A fastgrowing market, it should be used intelligently matrix with an understanding of how well or not it fits its intended use. The next questions are about how much further the market will grow and the realistic chances of growing share within this. Which can be to the detriment of other products.

Market growth can be measured in terms of increasing potential customers, new customers, greater acceptance of new products and.This terminology illustrates well how personally products are perceived within a company, and the dilemma of difficult decisions that may have to be made about them.