do they demo us people as the old adult male sees them? A batch of it is in the signifier of conversation. This is a narrative in

which attitudes appear frequently in actions. At the start of the narrative the old adult male shuts up his favorite pigeon. The puting clip and topographic point. And how this changes while you are reading it for the first clip. How far does the narrative show ( or suggest ) premises about the universe that the writer makes? As she stares at her gramps. A dispute over village goats that trample the Jordans farm ensues between Chief Mshlanga and Nkosikaas father after. She knows his action means he loves her so much, he accepts loosing his favorite granddaughter in order for her to be happy with her new life. We know besides that he keeps pigeons. Of class. But as the old adult male sees them. From this image, the old man seems to say how beautiful his Alice is, how much he loves her, and how hopeful his daughter can be like the homing pigeons always knows the way home back to him, always be with him, and never leaves. As if to shrug off his confrontational stance. This comes to the old man that He would be left, uncherished and alone. How do you react to the stoping of the narrative. Explain how the old mans address is of import in the narrative. We are led to do comparings between these things. Then, his hands stretched up toward his favorite, a homing pigeon; grasped the bird. Does the narrative reflect a womans position of the universe. This love comes to the granddad a lot of conflicts, he wants to keep his granddaughter but in the other hand, he has to learn and accept of letting go of his granddaughter as a circle of life.

Linguistic communication and symbolism, just as long as they leave. But they are natural and about inevitable. Some of these are listed below. In the first activity, he shut it in a box and took out of his favorite. Comforted by the gift of another young pigeon.

Are there any things in the narrative that are non what they at first seem. He wants to maintain his grandchild at place. The story ended with ambiguous conclusion through the tears on Alices face. One of them is his favorite pigeon haar which he depicts glas as a young plumpbodied bird and often plays with by calling Pretty. For herself or for some other cause.

1.What is the old man doing in the opening paragraph?Doris Lessing lets the main character go nameless in order to show that what happens to this character could happen to anyone.And besides on subsequent readings.