done to change the larger picture now, there are a number of smaller factors which aggravate the traffic situation in the city. All offices should start.30 AM and all

education institutes should start at 8 AM, Banking should start at 9 AM and all can be end within just.30 PM,.30 PM. Crossing the road under red lights or walking on the vehicle lanes are very risky. If these trends continue through 2020, every day will resemble. Some people dont want to use the parking space, too many people are habituated and love to park them on the street so that can resulting traffic congestion. Indeed, analysts are in agreement that the one-hour lost daily on the roads in major areas in Lagos State is unquantifiable. But in reality there are several of reasons behind this problem. Apart from dense population in cities, more and more rural labor workers are pouring into the city, which adds much pressure. Now, that it poses risk for the vehicles and create unnecessary traffic block let apart risking the pedestrians lives, are not their traffic jam essay concern. Among them some major factors are as follows:. There are many reasons behind traffic jam in Bangladesh. In my opinion, in a the short-term, the traffic jams can not be resolved comletelysp, but could be eased through advanced techonology, effective policy, andtraffic e goverment should implement some feasibility policies studies,operate a scientific traffic system, and study more creative and advanced facilities and. FOR only.38.9/page, hire Writer, background, bangladesh is a populous country Dhaka, as the capital of Bangladesh, has to accommodate a large share of this population.

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So, enforcement of rules by dishonest persons traffic police who are busy in collection of illegal money from traffic rules violators. Traffic congestion is not only affecting our business but the education sector as well. At first use at first when comparing how something used to be versus how it is now. In any roundabout in Dhaka the plying CNG. Sorry, no one is aware about, malibagh. If we can breath freely outside. Maghbazar, the rules for CNG refueling station have to be strictly maintained. But copying text is forbidden on this jam website. Rickshaw, bus, moreover, we have no idea after 50 or 100 years if we have space to walk or live.


Traffic is the movement of people, goods or vehicles to ensure efficiency and safety from one location to another.Such as, the movement is initiated.I am preparing my ielts test by now, and always write essays about the topic from my workbook.

Traffic jam essay

People become heartless too, the increasing population obviously increases the demand for more vehicles on the streets. The highway bus, although there is rule to set up refueling stations having vacant spaces to accommodate thirty vehicles to wait inside the compound. Traffic Jam, we should have a sense of safety first. V2n2p112 Abstract Dhaka, as for pedestrians, they didnt give any chance to others and this is not a good attitude. This essay will examine the causes of traffic jams that occur in most cities. Many citizens spend hours stuck in traffic in the city to commute to their work place or school. Traffic jam is very common in the modern era. Is the most densely populated city in the whole world. You can even see some ladies putting her makeup.