City with a triumphal procession, in martial pomp and pageantry, dragging at his car the kings and captains he had vanquished. . The people then partook of a plentiful

dinner, which their generous Governor had provided.1 Footnote 1: An account of this transaction in the South Carolina Gazette, under the date of August 8th, closes with this remark; Some of the people having privately drunk too freely. He also called in the Highland company from Darien, commanded by Captain McIntosh; the company of rangers; and Captain Carrs company of marines. Footnote 1: Political State of Great Britain, Vol. . And they intended to recommend it strongly to the emigrants to use their utmost skill and diligence in the culture of mulberry trees, and the prompt attention to the purpose to which their leaves were to be applied; so that, in due time the nation. The General left Captain Mackay and the Highlanders here, with directions to build a fort on the high ground, commanding the passes of the river; which, at their desire, should be called. There remained, however, L10,000, which General Oglethorpe had interest enough in Parliament to obtain for the purpose of carrying over and settling foreign and other Protestants in his new Colony of Georgia in America;1 having first paid Dean Berkeley the compliment of asking his consent. About twenty-five thousand persons, a tenth part of the population, migrated on this occasion. . In consequence of this, his conduct towards her became reserved and distant; very naturally, to her mortification; though her own affections had been preengaged, for she soon after married. R_debugrandomstaticlighting "0" / Set to 1 to randomize static lighting for debugging. After this, an alliance was concluded, and presents exchanged; which consisted, on the part of the Indians, of dressed skins; and, on that of Oglethorpe, of guns, red and blue cloth, powder, bullets, knives, and small whetstones; and, among the women he distributed linen and. May God Almighty attend you with his blessing, and crown your toils with success. . The coast of Georgia is also defended from the rage of the sea by a range of islands. . This is decisive in fixing the author; for. He then laid an embargo upon all the shipping in Georgia; and sent messages to his faithful Indian allies, who gathered to his assistance with all readiness. Footnote 2: nichols, in the Literary Anecdotes of the xviiith Century, Vol. . The people in them are our own people; and we ought to show an equal respect to all. . Therefore he that is above does not send us the good book. The utmost care was taken by the General, that in all the frontier places the fortifications should be put in the best state of defence; and he distributed the forces in the properest manner for the protection and defence of the Colony; assigning different corps. Oglethorpe, speaking of the religion and government of the Creek nation, in a letter from Georgia to a person of honor ferienhaus beschreibung nicht korrekt in London, says There seems to be a way opened to our Colony towards the conversion of the Indians,. . Horton in the scout-boat, and some boats of Indians; but Tomo Chichi, with two boats, was gone. Footnote 1: Mccall, Vol. . stevens, of Savannah, the following extracts from letters of General Oglethorpe. . Catherines, for the purposes of hunting, bathing and fishing; as also the tract of land lying between Pipe-makers bluff and Pallachucola creek, above Yamacraw bluff, which they retained as an encampment when they should come to visit their beloved friends in that vicinity. . About the centre of the west end of the island, a town was laid out, which he called frederica, with wide streets, crossing each other at right angles. . Returning from this visit, as he entered Ebenezer he found eight of the most able-bodied men at work, with their minister Gronau, in constructing booths and tents against the arrival of the families. . The following extract from a letter dated Charlestown, 22d March, 1732-3, and printed aufsätze zum abschreiben in the South Carolina Gazette, describes, in honorable terms, the attention which the leader of this enterprise devoted to its furtherance.1 Footnote 1: See also Account showing the progress of the Colony.

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